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Version 3.21.0

· 2 min read

Card Purchase - Decline Reasons Additional Detail

Transaction data available within the Multi Portal and the Managed Card Statement (GET) have been expanded. Card purchase transactions will now include decline reasons and spend rule failure reasons.

This update provides data consistency across all three sources: Portal, Multi API & webhooks. ( spendRuleFailedReason is displayed as authRuleFailedReason within webhooks)

Affected APIs:

  • GET managed_cards/{id}/statement

NameOnCard - Regex Alignment

We have consolidated the supported characters for use within the NameOnCard field of Managed Cards.

Full regex list can be found HERE

SMS - Additional Validation Response

An additional validation response will be introduced in connection with mobile SMS verification.

409 (conflict) - “MOBILE_COUNTRY_NOT_SUPPORTED” will be returned if the country is not supported for delivery of an SMS code.

Affected APIs:

  • POST /consumer
  • POST /corporate
  • PATCH /consumer
  • PATCH /corporate

SMS - Mobile Number - Update Limit

A limit will be introduced on the number of times a consumer user can update their mobile number within a calendar year.

It will be possible to update a consumer users mobile number up to three times per calendar year. Requests beyond this will receive the below validation response:


Affected APIs:

  • PATCH /consumer