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Version 3.24.0

· 2 min read

Weavr Back-Office APIs

The Weavr Back-Office API is a RESTful API that enables you to automate operations for your end-customers. The API includes a subset of the operations already offered in the Weavr Multi API that do not require your end-customer to be logged in.

In this release we will be adding the following operations to the API:

  • Charge fee to a corporate
  • Charge fee to a consumer
  • Get a managed account's details
  • Get a managed account statement
  • Get a managed card statement
  • Create/get a transfer transaction
  • Un/block cards

Read the Back Office API guide to learn more on how to integrate and make use of the API.

New error code for KYC Level 1 nationality restrictions

An additional conflict error code has been added when initiating KYC for a consumer for which the indicated KYC level is not sufficient.

KYC Level 1 is not allowed for individuals with a nationality outside of the EEA or UK. In this case the individual would need to be onboarded at a higher KYC level - a 409 error code KYC_LEVEL_NOT_ALLOWED will be returned in order to indicate this.

Affected API

  • POST /consumers/kyc
  • POST /consumers/kyc_mobile_sumsub