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Version 3.26.0

· One min read

Change of SMS Sender ID from "Weavr" to "AUTHMSG"

We have made improvements to the Sender ID of the SMS that is sent during 3DS verification. “Weavr” will no longer be shown in the SMS and the SenderID shown in several countries will be “AUTHMSG” which is a more generalised Sender ID.

Data Insights Dashboard Enhancements

We are continuously working on improving the functionality within Data Insights to allow you to analyse and understand your data better. As part of this release, we have worked on enhancing our dashboards by introducing the following functionality:

  1. A new filter has been added across all dashboards (where applicable), which gives you the option to filter activity within the platform at ‘Programme Name’ level. This is especially beneficial in cases where a number of sub-programmes/applications are set up within your profile.

  2. The detailed table within the Physical Cards Overview table has been updated to also include the 'Physical Delivery Tracking Number'.

Mobile Friendly Data Insights

We’ve improved the data insights tab in the Innovator portal. You can now view and interact with the dashboards from your mobile device.