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Version 3.27.0

· 2 min read

SEPA Instant wire transfers

Wire transfers made within the European SEPA network will now use SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst – hereafter “SEPA Instant”) if the receiving bank supports this payment method.

Here are some more details:

  • Outbound wire transfers up to €15k will automatically be routed via SEPA Instant, subject to an automatic check that the receiving bank/FI supports it.

  • In cases where the receiving bank/FI does not support SEPA Instant, the payment will automatically fall back to normal SEPA and continue successfully, all else being correct.

  • SEPA Instant provides payment rails that are available 24/7 and 365 days per year.

  • Existing features and procedures of SEPA payments remain the same (such as EUR currency, SCA two-factor authentication requirement).

There are no additional charges for our customers to use SEPA Instant compared to the previous standard SEPA wire transfer fees. Enjoy!

View SCA enrolments and challenge history in the Innovator Portal

You can now view the SCA enrolment status of your Corporate and Consumer users, directly from the Innovator portal.

All SCA challenge activity and history initiated by your users can also be tracked in the Innovator portal user’s details screen.

Duplicated OWTs in statement

This change addresses a bug where OWTs appeared to be duplicated on the Managed Account Activity Statement in the portal.

The purpose of the two entries has now been made clear. One record shows the status of transaction, and the other record indicates when the debit entry has been made, reducing the account’s actual balance.

Example of how an OWT is shown at various stages:

OWT submitted and being processed:


OWT completed (funds sent from source instrument):


Data Insights Managed Outgoing Transfers dashboard enhancement

Data Insights offers you the possibility to analyse your outgoing wire transfers via the Managed Accounts Outgoing Transfer dashboard. We have now enhanced the dashboard by including transfer type details to be able to distinguish between the different transfer types at transaction level.

Updates to the charge fees and access token back-office APIs

A new /fees/charge endpoint has been added to the back-office API that replaces both the consumer and corporate charge fee endpoints.

A new /access_token endpoint has been added to the back-office API that replaces the /impersonate_identity_login.

Please note that the following back-office APIs have been marked as deprecated:

  • corporates/fees/charge

  • consumers/fees/charge

  • impersonate_identity_login