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Version 3.27.1

· One min read

Updates to the Consumer due diligence process

An additional step is being introduced to the Consumer KYC process flow, whereby individuals are now required to provide additional details. Details collected vary depending on the KYC level chosen.

The occupation and sourceOfFunds information that is currently collected via the Create Consumer API will be included in this new step for the individuals to fill in directly. The occupation and sourceOfFunds fields in the Create Consumer API are being deprecated and thus you do not need to request this information during your registration process.

The APIs effected are as follows:

  • Post /multi/consumers

  • Get /multi/consumers

  • Patch /multi/consumers

    • rootUser.occupation, and sourceOfFunds and sourceOfFundsOther have been deprecated.
    • 409 SOURCE_OF_FUNDS_OTHER_MISSING has been removed.
  • Post /multi/consumers/kyc

    • 409 SOURCE_OF_FUNDS_OTHER_MISSING has been removed