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Supplier Finance Plug-in Overview

Power B2B spend management in your platform with embeddable financial services using the Supplier Finance Plug-In.

Pay Suppliers with Cards and Bank Transfers

Provide your customers with different payment options to pay their invoices and bills from one centralised platform.

Instantly create EUR, GBP and USD cards or initiate SEPA and UK FasterPayments bank transfers to suppliers and associate payment transactions with your customers’ outstanding payments.

| Corporate onboarding | Create managed accounts | Create managed cards | Initiate bank transfers |

Set Advanced Spend Controls

Enable your customers to control their corporate spend by setting budgets, supplier locks and spend limits.

Control corporate spend by creating accounts that represent budgets and cost centers. Set merchant, merchant categories, location and amount restrictions on cards. Get real-time notifications of all payments and instantly suspend cards and accounts.

| Card spend controls | Account notifications | Card notifications |

Track Payments in Real-Time and Automate Reconciliation

Build dashboards and generate corporate spend reports by retrieving financial statements and listening to real-time notifications of all financial updates.

Set unique identifiers to instruments and transactions to automatically match payment requests with their respective payment transactions.

| Retrieve account statements | Retrieve card statements | Transactions overview |

Get Started

To get started, open a Weavr Sandbox Account and get started with embedding finance in your B2B software. To integrate your solution, you will be using the Weavr Multi API.

Sign up for a free sandbox account and start building your prototype.

Learn how authentication works with Weavr’s Multi API.

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