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Version: multi-v3


A send is a transaction that moves funds between two instruments managed by Weavr. Both managed accounts and managed cards belonging to different corporate or consumer identities can be used as instruments in the send transaction.

Before your customers can submit a send transaction, they must:

  1. Create a managed account or create a managed card
  2. Enrol their device for Strong Customer Authentication

Create a Send Transaction

The following steps are required to send a send transaction:

  1. Submit a send transaction
  2. Verify a send transaction

1. Submit a Send Transaction

Create a send transaction using the create a send API. You must provide the:

  • the source: the instrument from which you are taking funds, this could be either of type managed_cards or managed_accounts,
  • the destination: the instrument where the funds will be transfered to, this could either be of type managed_cards or managed_accounts
  • and the destinationAmount.

2. Verify a Send Transaction

Before the submitted send transaction can be executed and the funds sent to the destination account, the logged-in user must verify the transaction.


To verify a send, the logged-in user must have enrolled their mobile device for strong customer authentication.

Send a Challenge

You can trigger the transaction verification process by calling the transaction challenge API. The user will receive a text message (SMS) on the mobile number associated with their credentials.

For root users, this will be the mobile number provided when onboarding the corporate or consumer identity, while for authorised users, this will be the mobile number provided when onboarding the user.


Currently, the only channel supported for send transaction is sms. More channels will be added in the future.

Complete the Challenge

You must build a page in your application where the user can enter the verification code that they received in the text message which you will need to submit to via the challenge verify API.

Once the challenge is successfully verified, the transaction is sent for execution.

PSD2 Exemptions

The Payment Service Directive (PSD2) allows for providing exemptions from enforcing Strong Customer Authentication on certain transactions. We are currently working on providing exemptions such as low-value to minimise the amount of challenges on transactions below €30 or its £ equivalent.

Retrieve the Status of a Send Transaction

Send transactions are typically executed instantly. However, Weavr may perform risk assessment before executing the transaction. You can receive the status of a send transaction using the API.