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Version 3.39.0

· 2 min read

Consumer registration retry with previously unvalidated email address

Previously, if a Consumer End User (Root User Identity on Consumer Programme) initiated an account sign up but didn't complete the process due to the email address validation not being done, if that person came back later to try again, they would meet an error that the email address is already in use. They would either have to use a different email address, or might give up.

Now, to improve conversion and usability in such a case, we allow the user to continue at the time of the new registration, ignoring if that email address was previously stuck in a validation pending state from a previous registration attempt. Provided the user then completes the email validation (within a standard 60 minute time window), they can proceed successfully.

If the email attempted by the consumer root user is already validated, or waiting to be validated (within the last 60 minutes), Weavr will return an error: 409 "ROOT_EMAIL_NOT_UNIQUE”

If the user is too late trying to validate the email address (after 60 minutes) Weavr returns: 409 "VERIFICATION_CODE_INVALID"

Save custom fields with cards

We are introducing a new option to save custom fields linked to cards, enabling more advanced data analysis.

You have complete authority and oversight over these fields. The information stored within these fields remains untouched in processing, but it is presented in reports and utilised for filtering, enhancing data manipulation and analysis capabilities.

You can start populating the new externalData object when using the create (POST/multi/managed_cards) or update (PATCH/multi/managed_cards/\{id\}) card APIs with up to 10 Name/Value fields. The exact same fields are returned in the get APIs (GET/multi/managed_cards and GET/multi/managed_cards).