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Version 3.41.0

· 3 min read

Accepting apostrophes/single quotes in Email Addresses

You can now start using apostrophes (‘) and single quotes (‘) when registering new email addresses. This enhancement guarantees a more accurate representation of your customer's email addresses during registration.

The affected Multi Product APIs are:

  • POST/users
  • PATCH/users
  • POST/passwords/lost_password
  • POST/login_with_password

Improvements to the downloadable PDF Statement for Accounts and Card transactions

We have updated the downloadable PDF Statements to show the filtered date range, along with the starting and closing balances corresponding to that specific period. This enhancement ensures that the PDF statements are comprehensive and suitable for internal reconciliation, audits, and various other purposes.

Beyond Account transactions, you can now also download PDF statements for your card transactions.

Delivery of Cards in Bulk

We are now offering the convenience of bulk card delivery, allowing you to receive up to 200 cards in a single package, either for yourself or your customers.

To initiate a bulk delivery request, simply set the bulkDelivery parameter to True and include the contactNumber field in your call. The deliveryAddress parameter must be exactly the same for all the cards marked for bulk delivery.

The delivery methods that support bulk delivery are COURIER with a maximum of 200 cards delivered at once, and REGISTERED_MAIL with a maximum of 90 cards delivered at once.

Physical Cards are dispatched from our supplier twice weekly at 08:00 GMT on Monday and Thursday mornings. Requests received in between these cut-offs (and marked as bulkDelivery) will be packaged into a single bulk delivery.

The affected Multi Product APIs are:

  • POST/managed_cards
  • PATCH/managed_cards/\{id\}
  • POST/managed_cards/\{id\}/physical
  • GET/managed_cards
  • GET/managed_cards/\{id\}
  • POST/managed_cards/\{id\}/physical/replace_damaged
  • POST/managed_cards/\{id\}/physical/replace_lost_stolen

Processing deposits improvements

To avoid confusion, and misunderstandings regarding the availability of funds for a deposit that is being processed, or held for review, we are simplifying the way that we notify you.

Currently, in the case where a deposit is received but held for further checks, or action is required from the end-customer in the form of a Source of Funds (SOF) declaration, we add the amount to the actualBalance of the account and show the transaction as PENDING in the activity statement on the portal. These two events will no longer occur. We will however continue to reach out to you if a SOF declaration is required, via the existing channels. Once any review has been completed successfully, the funds will show in the availableBalance on the account and in the activity statement (as happens today).

Deposits that are being processed, but held for review, can be seen in the deposits dashboard of Data Insights, with state UNDER_REVIEW.