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Version 3.42.0

ยท 2 min read

Improvement in identifying Beneficiariesโ€‹

We have implemented a fresh approach to identifying beneficiaries. You now have the flexibility to allocate your custom reference to a beneficiary, which can be later used to access beneficiary details, including the identifier, beneficiaryId, necessary for initiating payment instructions.

You can now access your custom reference, externalRefs in the following methods:

  • POST multi/beneficiaries
  • GET multi/beneficiaries
  • GET /multi/beneficiaries/\{{beneficiary_id\}\}

Improvement to email address validation during Corporate onboardingโ€‹

In the past, Corporate Root Users who attempted to sign up for an account but didn't complete the process because their email address wasn't validated, would encounter an error if they tried again later. This error indicated that the email address was already in use, leaving the user with the option to either use a different email or abandon the sign up process altogether.

To enhance ease of use, we are now enabling users to proceed with a new registration even if their email address was previously awaiting validation from a prior attempt.

Recall that the Weavr Multi API will return error number 409 with the message:

  • ROOT_EMAIL_NOT_UNIQUE, if the email the corporate root user attempted has already been validated or is waiting to be validated within the last 60 minutes
  • VERIFICATION_CODE_INVALID, if the corporate root user attempts to validate the email address more than 60 minutes after it was sent

Physical Cards Overview Dashboard Enhancementโ€‹

As mentioned in our latest communication, physical cards can now be delivered in bulk either for yourself or your customers.

We have enhanced the details panel within the Data Insights section of the Physical Cards Overview dashboard to facilitate the display of bulk-delivered cards. This enhancement is designed to provide you with a more comprehensive view of all physically delivered cards that were dispatched in bulk.