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Version 3.46

ยท 2 min read

Merchant country code data in card authorisations and settlementsโ€‹

Following your valuable feedback, we are continuously enhancing our webhooks to provide Embedder programme managers and administrators with additional webhook data.

As part of our continuous efforts to refine our webhook events, we have included the merchant country code in two specific webhook operations relating to card purchases. The two operations are:

  • /managed_cards/authorisations/watch
  • /managed_cards/settlements/watch

We are currently providing you with the merchant details that include the category code (merchantCategoryCode), merchant name (merchantName) and ID (merchantId). With this release you will start receiving the merchant country code (merchantCountryCode) for the two specific webhook events. WEB

With this additional information you can gain more insights into understanding in which countries transactions are being performed, whether domestic or international.

Webhook logs default to recent firstโ€‹

We understand the importance of accessibility and efficiency when it comes to monitoring your webhook events and for this reason, we have restructured the Webhook Logs page within our Embedder Portal to provide you as the Embedder programme manager or administrator with a better user experience.

We restructured the list of webhook events to be presented in descending order, with the latest created event displayed first. Webhook events will be automatically displayed in descending order, presenting the latest created event first.


Webhook when an IWT is rejectedโ€‹

If an incoming wire transfer is rejected, an Managed Accounts / Account Deposit webhook will be sent with state : REJECTED.

IWTs can be rejected for various reasons: account closed, account blocked, risk-based limits, SOF declaration not provided or inadequate.