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Version 3.45

· 2 min read

Automatic webhook retries for extra error scenarios

Webhooks are sent via POST to the Embedder's application’s webhook endpoint URL specified in the Embedder Portal (under the Application Details section).

If the Embedder's server responds to a webhook POST with a 5xx error, signifying that there was an issue with receiving the event, the webhooks are retried automatically.

This feature is being expanded to include automatic webhook retries for 408, 409, and 425 status codes.

The webhook is retried 5 times starting with an initial delay of 10 seconds, and incrementing with a delay factor of 6, signifying:

  • Failure on the first attempt will be retried after 10 seconds
  • Failure on the second attempt will be retried after 60 seconds
  • Failure on third attempt will be retried after 360 seconds
  • Retrying up to 5 times

This improvement increases the likelihood for Embedders to successfully receive all webhook events, even when errors occur, thereby enhancing reconciliation and ensuring data integrity.

Optional Activation Code during the physical card activation process

Previously, when upgrading a virtual card to a physical card, it was mandatory to provide an activation code to activate the card. This process is now being simplified by removing the activation code requirement and making it optional instead.

The old activation code flow is still supported but Embedders can now take advantage of a simpler method: a cardholder who receives the physical card simply needs to be logged in and then a card activation can be initiated through the Embedder’s application, for example through an activation button.

The endpoints impacted are:

  • POST /managed_cards/{id}/physical
  • POST /managed_cards/{id}/physical/activate

If an activation code is provided when activating a card, it will still be validated against the activation code set when upgrading the card. Any mismatch will trigger the existing 409 error, specifically ACTIVATION_CODE_INVALID. However, if no code is provided, the card will be activated, and a 200 success generated.