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Version 3.43

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Enhanced Webhook Logs Filters and PII Data Maskingโ€‹

We previously released a view of Webhook Logs within the Embedder Portal. While it was possible to search and browse, users also asked to be able to filter the list view.

We have now added filters to the Webhook Logs page so Embedder Portal users can filter the list to view items by date, identity, instrument, event type, and status.

These filters can be combined, offering an easy and powerful way to locate and review webhook event history.

Please note we mask sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Webhook Logs in the same way we do in API webhook responses. Data masked includes: name, surname, email, and payment beneficiary (except for friendly name on Managed Accounts and merchant name on purchases, which are not considered PII).


Showing KYC rejection reason for temporarily rejected consumersโ€‹

We would like to inform you about the upcoming enhancements to our consumer Know Your Customer (KYC) status information within our Embedder Portal.

We are providing you with additional information to understand why the KYC application has been rejected and what additional information the consumer needs to provide in order to continue the KYC process.

With this update, if the consumer KYC status is temporarily rejected the existing KYC state indicator tooltip will show further information.

These enhancements will be automatically presented on the Embedder Portal, and are designed to offer you greater visibility of your customers KYC progress, whilst enabling your teams to better guide and support your consumer customers.


Mobile Number Invalid Input API Response Refinementโ€‹

Previously if a mobile phone number sent via API call during user registration/enrolment was invalid according to the API specification, Weavr would only return a 500 (exception) error. This response has been refined to return 409 - Mobile_Number_Invalid.

Please note that Embedders are currently responsible for validating user input on telephone country codes (i.e. ITU-T standard international subscriber dialing (ISD) code). We are planning a future change to enforce validation on the Weavr API side. Further information on this future change will be provided in due course.

Affected APIs:

  • POST multi/corporates
  • POST multi/consumers

API Validation: