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Director KYC UI Component

During the KYB process, the system asks the user to enter information about UBOs and directors/representatives. Weavr will send emails directly to the directors/representatives named during the KYB process so that they can submit their KYC documentation. A corporate customer must have at least 1 director or representative verified as part of the due diligence.

The content of the emails received by the directors/representatives will include a link that leads to a page in your application where you must embed the Director KYC UI component. The URL will also include a reference that is required to initialise the component.

1 Display the Director KYC Flow


The Director KYC component does not require the director to be authenticated.


To use Weavr UI components, you must first set up the Weavr UI library in your application.

<!-- Define an HTML container where the Director KYC flow is to be shown -->
<div id="director-kyc-container"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

// Initialise the UI library using your ui_key. Replace {{ui_key}} with your own UI key.

// Initialise the Director KYC UI component

// The selector identifying the container where you want to display the component

// The reference that will be included as as a query parameter in the URL sent
// using email to the directors/representatives
{ reference: {{reference}} },

function(messageType, payload) {
console.log({messageType, payload})

// Specify a string of plain text styles to brand the UI elements shown in
// the Director KYC flow
customCss: {{customCss}},

// Specify the language, in ISO 639-1 format, that will be used in the
// Director KYC flow. If no translation is available for the language specified,
// the text will be shown in English.
lang: {{language}}