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Version 3.38

· 2 min read

Stepped-up token obtained when end user enrols device for biometrics

We have streamlined the process for end users enrolling for biometrics and logging into the financial zone of the embedder's app for the first time. Instead of treating enrolment and login as separate actions, we have combined them to reduce user effort.

Previously, when a user (including any Consumer or Corporate User) enrolled using biometrics and wanted to perform actions that required a stepped-up token, they had to log in again. This meant an additional step for users who had just completed the enrolment process.

To address this, we have made improvements. Now, when a user completes the enrolment process, which includes a two-factor authentication, we automatically step up the token. This means that the token can be used for accessing the specified endpoints without requiring a separate login.

Additional information provided when user fulfilled Multifactor Authentication challenge

We are implementing a new status feature for our Access Token functionality to provide clarity on whether the user has already completed the Multifactor Authentication challenge.

When making a POST request to /access_token with a non-Stepped up token, the response will include the "status" field set to "STANDARD". On the other hand, if the token has already been Stepped-Up, the response will indicate the "status" as "STEPPED_UP".

A stepped-up token can be used to access the following endpoints.