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Version 3.33

· 2 min read

SMS notification to old SCA-enrolled mobile number when replaced by new mobile number

Enhancement for security around SCA: if an end user changes his mobile number enrolled for receiving SMS OTPs, we will send an SMS notification to their previously enrolled mobile number provided, that old mobile number was previously validated. This message by default states: "Your account’s mobile number ending in {last 4 digits of the previous mobile number\} has been updated with {last 4 digits on the new mobile number\}. If you haven’t requested this change, please contact support".

Change email via PATCH - one request per minute

If an end user requests to change their email address, we send a validation email for them to confirm. We have now added a 1 minute delay between any re-sends of this validation email to prevent spamming or accidental repeat messages.

Do not display deactivated Corporate identities

Part of the Single Login Accessing Multiple Corporates feature, we have implemented a new functionality that will allow users to be displayed only the Active identities they are linked to. When calling Get/Identities the response will only contain the Active Identities that the user is linked to.

Trusted payees list for Outgoing Wire Transfers and Sends

Allow end customers to save payees for Outgoing Wire Transfers and Sends into a "trusted payees" list. Aside from convenience and a reduced chance of making errors when making payments, this allows for the introduction an SCA exemption, where the account holder can request that payments to saved beneficiaries are exempted from the requirement to pass an SCA challenge every time.

Please contact Weavr Support to learn more on how you can benefit from this new feature.

Ability to increase the maximum allowable characters on bespoke plastic cards

If you provide physical cards for your customers and opt for our bespoke plastic cards; depending on your bespoke design and configuration, it will be possible to increase the maximum allowable characters of the nameOnCard and nameOnCardLine2 fields printed on the cards, to a maximum of 27 characters per field.

For on-demand designs, the maximum allowable characters for both fields will remain at 20 characters.

If you already use a bespoke card design, or would like to upgrade your cards and design, please contact Weavr Support to determine the maximum allowable characters for your bespoke plastic card programmes.