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Version 3.33.1

· 3 min read

Additional SCA methods for 3DS transaction verifications

Following up on our alternative multifactor authentication methods release we have done recently where we introduced biometrics and third party auth app push confirmations (via Twilio Authy), we are now making biometrics and push authentication available for confirmation of card purchases, in addition to the existing default solution using SMS one-time passcodes (OTPs). These alternative multifactor authentication methods are designed to be 3-D Secure (3DS) and SCA-compliant out of the box.

Embedders with native mobile apps are invited to beta test biometric 3DS/SCA for card payments while we recommend all other (web application) setups test out push confirmations via Twilio Authy. Both of these new multifactor authentication methods add convenience and security benefits compared to SMS OTPs, as well as enhancing brand recognition and app engagement in the UX around card payment confirmations.

If you choose to use Twilio Authy or Biometrics, one-time-passwords via SMS will be automatically configured as a fallback option to ensure that your customers always have a way to verify their purchases.

SMS is a mandatory selection as a fallback authentication method when configuring Twilio Authy or Biometrics for Primary authentication methods for 3DS.

Please contact Weavr Support to learn more on how you can benefit from this new feature.

Data Insights - Terminology Alignments and Enhancements

We are continuously working on improving the functionality within Data Insights to allow you to analyse and understand your data better. As part of this release, we have worked on various alignments across our dashboards to ensure further consistency and uniformity including:

  1. Renaming of ‘Deposits’ within the Managed Accounts Incoming Transfers dashboard. Going forward, we are referring to this transaction type as ‘Incoming Wire Transfer’. Note that this will be a consistent terminology used throughout all Data Insights dashboards when referring to this transaction type.

  2. Currently, Details tables within dashboards show:

  • Transaction Base Amount: amount in your billing currency
  • Transaction Amount: amount in the original transaction currency

Going forward, the Transaction Amount column will be showing the instrument amount (i.e. the amount in the currency of the instrument). The reason for this enhancement is that the Instrument Amount portrays a more correct value of the transaction since this is the amount that is used to adjust balances. Please note that there will be minimal to no changes to the previously reported numbers. This change applies to the following dashboards:

  • Card Authorisations
  • Card Settlements
  • Managed Accounts Overview
  • Managed Accounts Incoming Transfers
  • Sends Overview

SMS Sender ID set to "AUTHMSG" for OTP and SCA SMSes sent to UK

We have made improvements to the Sender ID of the SMS that is sent during 3DS verification to OTP and SCA SMSes sent to the UK. The SMSes will be sent with “AUTHMSG” as SenderID

Simplified company ownership (UBO) questionnaire for KYB onboarding

Part of our ambition to improve the corporate onboarding journey, we are releasing a simplified UBO form, that will allow Root users completing KYB on behalf of their Corporate to better understand the details needed when declaring a Ultimate Beneficial Owner (natural person owning at least 25% of the shares or voting rights).